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About us

OXHOLM is an independent multibrand concept with two businesses located in Oslo; at Byporten Shopping and Lambertseter senter. The OXHOLM concept has in a short period of time established itself as a well-known name and business within womens textiles. In 2015 OXHOLM was nominated for "this years shop" at the Costume Awards. OXHOLM assertes themselves in social media, and is the go-to shop for some of Norways most famous artists, stylists and top bloggers.


We are proud to be a chosen distributor of high-profile brands as Cathrine Hammel, House of Dagmar, Tom Wood, Vince, Theory, Dorothee Schumacher, Baum und Pfergarden, Utzon, Current Elliot, Frame Denim, Ganni, Filippa K, Sarti and Arnie Says amongst many others. OXHOLM offers an unique assembly of both international and Norwegian brands.

We are passionately committed to this field; to flattering cuts, pure qualities and good stitching. OXHOLM CREW are working closely and with genuine enthusiasm with our loyal customers, and we are incredibly proud to represent an alternative destination with our concept.


At OXHOLM you will be greeted with a casual ambience. We have a laugh that comes easily, a twinkle in the eye and ears that listen. 912 434 060